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In this article we will put forward the 10 main reasons to live in the Nice area often perceived as one of the best city to live in the whole France.

1.     Nice, the French Riviera’s Capital

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Symbol of French Riviera and Second city within the PACA area, the city of Nice conveys a luxury image from national and
international scales.

Dynamic and Ambitious, Nice suggests plenty of possibilities in your daily life and could perfectly fit with your professional aims. 

2.     “A City Affordable”


Even though it does exist exclusive area such as the Mont Boron, La Promenade des Anglais, Fabron or even Fabron, Nice offers
numerous properties, especially flats way much more affordable for lower budgets.

Thus, a potential buyer might have more chances to become an owner in Nice than in Menton, Cannes, and obviously than in Monaco.

3.     3rd City the most visited in France, an additional insurance to rent your Property


With 4 Million of tourists each year who walk down on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice is in the Top 3 of the cities the most visited
in France. An option to avoid neglecting since for an owner it is a real insurance to find people willing to have rent.

4.     An International Airport (3rd in France)


You love traveling ? The Nice Airport, 3rd Biggest Airport in France, serves daily 100 gates across the world. A windfall for people
who appreciate discovering new kinds of cultures to have nearby an international airport.

5.     Professional Opportunities


Live in Nice is also an access to a multitude of professional opportunities, especially in the services’ sector. If you wish to work in
well-known brands, you would have a plenty of choices with the numerous firms which set up their head-quarters or a subsidiary in Nice.

Otherwise, more than 38 000 companies are registered in the Nice Area, and one of them might correspond to your professional expectations.

6.     Event-oriented-city

Nice is internationally-known for its Carnaval but this city welcomes as well sport events such as the Iron, or even numerous concerts
in the Nikaia Palace.

Throughout the year, entertainment is omnipresent and its inhabitance have the possibility to attend within their city to several
international events.

7.     International Vibe


Elected one of the most dynamic city in France, Nice is a city which keeps moving and evolving. Within this city we can distinguish a
successful Melting Pot where each culture brings its own add value to this cosmopolitan city.

8.     Attractive Real Estate Market


Indeed, nice has a diversified property offer with national and European standards and above all flexible and innovative for any kinds
of investments.

9.     Museum City


Nice from its scale, could share the superlative with Roma of being a museum city. In Nice, Art fits with History for the pleasure of
tourists and its inhabitance who have the pride of living in a city which has a unique display of architecture.

10.     Quality of Student’s Life


The EDHEC, the Skema or even the European Institute, Nice offers a panel of school of quality for young french and international

Beyond this quality, Nice is also well-known for its students who appreciate the sweetness of living and the quality of exchanges
between international students.